The FT Explorer is GRrreat!!!


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I got some time to fly and maidened it yesterday. A field mate help by filming
The firewall came off as the battery pulled on a rough landing. Generally it flew amazing. 75% throttle, cruise at 60%.

I'll be fixing it and sending it back up today.


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Nice flying. It looked either a little pitch sensitive or maybe tail heavy, as it was "hunting" for a stable pitch angle. I have the same issue on my explorer so I wonder if it isn't a characteristic of the design itself.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Some of the pitching was me. and I may have had the balance a touch ail heavy I think as it would pitch up when I gave it gas.

I took it back out yesterday. First flight was great! until my bad soldering caused the motor to de-sync and stop. the good news is it was a kitten to glide down.

After I fixed it I went back out. I flew a couple packs. after a bit of relaxed flying, I tried acrobatics, then remembered I was on low rates, and then retried them. It looped, rolled, and even tried a little inverted flying (I am not good at it.). all was good. but all that fun loosened the control horn glue. (credit card versions, not scratched up.) It led to a slow fall but hard landing.

I learned something, I need to reinforce the battery platform. when I brought it in at the end, as it was acting different, in came in with a turned down nose. the platform had "drooped". The nose doubling worked great, as the nose was NOT injured. Part of the damage was from the nose shifting forward, so maybe I should add magnets to keep it latched.

All in all a great time. I know I have a little on-board FPV footage. I will post it when I have it pulled together and posted. Stay tuned.

I know this is a tried and true design, but I'd like to thank you all for the support for this project.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Got around to fixing the kinked tail with skewers and 4.5x3/8" Kraft sticks.