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The Great 2020 Quarantine Build-Off?

I just finished finalizing the plans for my harder version Sonex Subsonex JSX-2 Jet. Here's a picture of the harder version all painted. I need a power pack H to make one RC because this is just a glider. I'm only 12, so I don't really have the money to buy one right now. It is about a 20 inch wingspan.
You can find plans at https//:aerotechplanes.jappl.es. I'm not making a build video or instructions anytime soon, so if you build it, you have to figure it out. The cockpit slides in and out like the ft mini mustang. Happy building!!!


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This is ‘The Dink’

I thought I already posted the video but now I can’t find it. That being said, I am internet challenged.
‘The Dink’ is all done now, it’s going to be weird for me because all I have for a transmitter is the one the original micro-toy came with left stick rudder & throttle, right stick elevator & no way to change it. At least it has trim buttons. I tried to bind it with my DX6e but no joy. Maybe it’ll train me to use the rudder properly with my 4 channel builds.
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