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The importance of sharing - Flite Test


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Hi Guys,
I have to say, I am so impressed by the dedication of our viewers and the overwhelming support that we have received since we started. Thank you.

It's my job to make sure we're connecting with the viewers that appreciate the content that we provide. This connection is what our sponsors value.

I thought it would be interesting to share some insight regarding our viewing statistics. Currently we have a large portion of our subscribers that watch every video we release. Then, depending on the particular video, they will share it with others. (see the diagram below)

This is a typical viewing graph for one of our videos. The "sharing" is very important to us. This is how we grow.

We're constantly adjusting our content to give the viewers what they want. While we have achieved some success in individual episode views, the sharing percentage hardly ever seems to increase.

I am interested in hearing form you. We want to deliver content that you feel is relevant. Here is my question:

What type of episode would make you want to share it with your friends?


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I'm afraid it doesn't work that way - at least not for me. I don't think I would share a Flite Test episode, because it features something specific.

PS: But in fact I share every FT episode anyways - I always click "Like" under them which means they're automatically shared on my Facebook wall by YouTube FB app ;]


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I also click on that button if I see it fro time to time.

But I think most of FB friends would find it boring and would start looking at me in a different way. Many would say: "hey he flies rc planes like I did when I was three!"

I don´t really like that way of looking at the rc community and rc in general but from now on I´ll like everything and maybe that will get us some more forum users and more people watching.


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I spruik Flitetest to any poor sucker who shows the slightest interest in RC planes...

I usually share the episodes where they show, or mention that FlyingMonkey guy. He's awesome! :D

I use the show as a tool a lot. If there's a question about aircraft that the show has explained, like the exponential and dual rates episode, I share that as a way to help answer the question they had. So I'm a big fan of the educational episodes.
Love sharing FlightTest!
How about some Kid's Vid's to share with the younger one's?:cool:
their the future of everything we do:),
and kid's need to do more outside stuff to do that's missing for today's youth,, TV and internet is keeping kid's from real fun,,,,and the real world as well,, thank's


Added to my blogroll.. Thank you guys for all the enthusiasm you pump into the RC world each week!

Flite Test is like the Top Gear of the RC world. For those familiar with Top Gear - my suggestion is to add a segment called "A Celebrity Flying a Reasonably Priced FPV Plane." ;-)
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Tom O'Connell

Bixler FPV Mods Fantastic
i like pretty much every flitetest vid and sometimes favourite them. That shares them with my friends and subs on youtube. I dont really think any type of content would make me share them to people say on facebook. Mainly because nobody would watch it, or if the did, they would think i was weird posting it (most people know i fly, but they dont think its normal :( shame )

apart from anas :p