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The J Scott


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The J*Scott is a custom made RC scratch build from FliteTest.com author ExAir! Josh Scott unveiled a surprise today, a personalized foam board airplane created by Ed (aka: Experimental Airlines)

The custom foam board airplane incorporates everyday items like the plastic gifts cards setup to create a detachable rudder.

The J* Scott features many of the great designs that Ed shares in his videos and articles.

Designed specifically with Josh Scott in mind, the J* Scott features a rugged construction along with a great custom vinyl design.

A Josh Scott personalized airplane wouldn't be complete without a bomb drop! This "boom bay" bomb drop is engineered to accommodate a variety of items including darts, para-shooters, and even a 12oz soda can!

The foam board airplane is covered in vinyl sticker and the vinyl graphics were designed by Roman Serebryakov.

The J* Scott is equipped with flaps making it a STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aircraft.

This was the first time Josh has ever flown the maiden flight of a plane, and the first time Josh has flown a plane with his name on it as well!

Chad trimmed the plane after Josh had some flight time, and he didn't want to give back the sticks! The airplane is really fun to fly.

The airplane handled great in the cold windy weather and Josh started to get the hang of the plane after just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the GI Joe para-shooter got caught on the rubber band when Josh tried to drop him and the plane took a nose dive into the ground and broke a prop.

There's much more we'd like to try out on this scratch built airplane, like the flaps and soda can bomb drop. We'll be bringing this back again real soon!

We'd like to thank Ed for sending out this fantastic scratch build RC airplane!

The plane flew great and is engineered to hold up to crashes. The design is expandable for FPV platforms and more. It was great to see Ed's vinyl sticker covered foam board design first hand.

Be sure to check out Ed's great articles and videos HERE!

You can see some vinyl sticker tutorials on Roman Serebryakov's youtube channel HERE!

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Very Nice!
Great job Josh.
That chute needed to be a little bigger so it would slow it down in a premature deploy.
Nice one on Bixler by the way!:applause:
Josh Scott, I an going to predict that you are going to love this bird. I started building ExperimentalAirlines planes one year ago with a Peace Drone... have since built Ed's Fugly Jet, several Fast Deltas, a few Axons and a few NoobTubes (there were some moderately hard, pseudo-landings interspersed in there). Mostly I appreciate the care that Ed takes in thinking his airplanes all-the-way-thru. They just work and Ed's building techniques are a lot part of the reason. They may just be made of DollarTree foam-board, packing tape and hot-glue but they are also well finished, sturdy, resilient designs too... and inexpensive to boot! Enjoy!


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Hey Aly, Welcome to the Forum!

You'll probably get your desired result by checking out the Experimental Airlines channel on youtube. Ed -- the builder/designer of the JScott -- runs that channel and describes his modular scratch build process in enough detail for others to follow and design their own. At most he'll give dimensions for the modules he tosses into each build, but once you've built one, they're all build roughly the same.

The JScott is pretty typical of one of his designs, using a tube fuselage, ruberbanded wing and modular tail, all with little modifications to make a fairly nice flyer just a little bit cooler. Learn to build the parts and the rest is simple assembly and mods to taste.