The SE.5 Flies Again


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We recently “finished” a FT SE.5 model with paint a new motor. Flew great although was a tad tail heavy with a 3s 1300mah battery.

Until, I wrecked it and sheared off the top wing. An ace pilot friend flew it with just the lower wing, and it was a rocket! Just enough lift to run a full throttle. Not something my son and I could fly though..


The top wing supports were shredded, so we went for a drastic redesign. It didn’t fly great in the wind, but well enough that we kept it in the air long enough to use two full batteries!


Not pretty, but seems to work!


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This plane has been renamed "the beast". Whenever we are out flying with friends, this monstrosity is a fun topic of conversation. However, flying is a real chore that takes complete concentration. I suspect that moving the wings closer together has greatly affected the stability. We will keep flying her until it falls apart, and then put the parts into a new DR1.

Apart from a DR1, are there any other fun kits that use the motor from an F power pack? Would it make sense to use this motor on a TT?


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The Mini MS Corsair was a hoot to build and crash! It was the first MS style plane I built. (I have anothe SBK on the shelf to replace the first one) It's an F pack plane. The F pack would work with the Mini Scout as well.


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Good job! You can probably try one of the slower, indoor flyers like the Mini Scout, Mini Speedster/ Sportster, the reborn FT Nutball or Flyer or even the new Mini Old Fogey. Some of these planes might be rocket ships on this motor setup, and I wish there were plans for the Mini Old Fogey. Another scratch build that you can try is to make a Slow Stick. It is a very simple airplane that is simple, easy to fly and customisable. They are commonly built with carbon fibre rods and the electronics are all zip-tied or velcroed to the rod. I have not personally flown one before but I've heard many good things about the style of aircraft. I don't have a picture of one but you can google itand see what I'm talking about. There is so much to be done with these common powerplants. Keep posting!