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  1. O

    Solved Readiboard paper problems

    Hey! Was recieved super well by the forum last week and I’m currently working on my first ever rc Plane. I am building the noob tube design. I am using the recommended readi board foam but when I try score and take the paper off it always tears and sticks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. IdoAllMyOwnStunts

    New to this forum, Foam ninja at heart

    Hi i'm Wade, I've been flying since I was 7 years olds, I'm 22 now, I mainly scratchbuild and push the boundaries of what RC planes can do acrobatically. Nice to be part of a group of people that aren't afraid to try new stuff. I am a Paramedic/Firefighter by trade, and I got a 5 month heeler...
  3. BoilerScale

    Scratch Build 1400mm P-39

    Hello FliteTest Forums, due to where I'm going to be living starting this summer, I can finally go to flite fest for the first time! And for it, I'll be building a 1400mm P-39 using dollar tree foam and balsa. The P-39 has always been one of my favorite WWII airplanes but there has never been a...
  4. F

    Homemade DLG Build log

    Hi guys! I am Fran from Argentina and i have just started building a homemade Discus Launch Glider. I am creating this thread to show you the building process. I will be very thankful if you help me through the build, i would love to hear from you any piece of advice. I have always wanted to...
  5. W

    DaVinci Glider Inspired Scratch Build--Wood AND Foam

    So here's my first concept-to-flight continuous post: It all started when my friend Dylan heard that I scratch build airplanes. He immediately suggested that I build a DaVinci-Style aircraft. He had the whirlycopter thing in mind I think, but I was inspired by the DaVinci Glider (plus I...
  6. R

    B17 Flying Fortress multi angle video !

    Hi, This is a video from my Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, as a result of an old Multiplex Cargo conversion. It's was painted with the scheme used by the famous B-17G "A Bit o'Lace" in 1944. This is my atempt to make a multi angle video ! Hope you like it ! B17 Bit'o Lace
  7. F

    Help! Homemade DLG CF tail boom and construction

    Hi everybody! I would really like to build a homemeade dlg but i dont know which diameter of carbon fiber tube should i buy to make the tail boom. Do you think a 6mm diameter tube would be thick enough for a 1 meter wingspan dlg? (thats the only one i can get for a reasonable price) The wings...
  8. Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    On the first layer i did a couple days ago i 77'd the inside of the cloth. It sticks really well, actually let me wrap the fiberglass around the edges, so th...
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  14. Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - First layer Fiberglass

    Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - First layer Fiberglass

    Just a quick video for instagram, laying down the first layer (left and right) of 6oz volan S-glass fiberglass. Build thread: https://forum.flitetest.com/ind...
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