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  1. mschultz99

    Scratch Build 1400mm P-39

    Hello FliteTest Forums, due to where I'm going to be living starting this summer, I can finally go to flite fest for the first time! And for it, I'll be building a 1400mm P-39 using dollar tree foam and balsa. The P-39 has always been one of my favorite WWII airplanes but there has never been a...
  2. F

    Homemade DLG Build log

    Hi guys! I am Fran from Argentina and i have just started building a homemade Discus Launch Glider. I am creating this thread to show you the building process. I will be very thankful if you help me through the build, i would love to hear from you any piece of advice. I have always wanted to...
  3. W

    DaVinci Glider Inspired Scratch Build--Wood AND Foam

    So here's my first concept-to-flight continuous post: It all started when my friend Dylan heard that I scratch build airplanes. He immediately suggested that I build a DaVinci-Style aircraft. He had the whirlycopter thing in mind I think, but I was inspired by the DaVinci Glider (plus I...
  4. R

    B17 Flying Fortress multi angle video !

    Hi, This is a video from my Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, as a result of an old Multiplex Cargo conversion. It's was painted with the scheme used by the famous B-17G "A Bit o'Lace" in 1944. This is my atempt to make a multi angle video ! Hope you like it ! B17 Bit'o Lace
  5. F

    Help! Homemade DLG CF tail boom and construction

    Hi everybody! I would really like to build a homemeade dlg but i dont know which diameter of carbon fiber tube should i buy to make the tail boom. Do you think a 6mm diameter tube would be thick enough for a 1 meter wingspan dlg? (thats the only one i can get for a reasonable price) The wings...
  6. Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    On the first layer i did a couple days ago i 77'd the inside of the cloth. It sticks really well, actually let me wrap the fiberglass around the edges, so th...
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  12. Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - First layer Fiberglass

    Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - First layer Fiberglass

    Just a quick video for instagram, laying down the first layer (left and right) of 6oz volan S-glass fiberglass. Build thread: https://forum.flitetest.com/ind...
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