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The Ventus


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In this episode Josh Bixler and David Windestal review the Ventus! Without the controls, Josh Bixler talks us through the plane's flying tendencies, while David hunts for thermals! Did someone forget to give Josh Scott the memo that we were filming? Tune in to this episode to see the Ventus!




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I've been practicing flying a Radian with my friend, and want to purchase all the gear for my own setup.

The Ventus PNF is a 7 servo plane that requires 6 or 7 channel radio.

In the review you mention a 9 channel is used instead.

I was looking at the 9 channel Turigy transmitter that comes with an 8 channel receiver.

With this would it be possible to set up similar to how David had his set up?

Any details on the best way to set this up would be great.

NOTE: I am fairly new to this, so things like crow I will probably program and add later, I just want to make sure the transmitter/receiver combo I get will be capable of this when I am ready.

I just watched this review where you said you used 9 channels (I know, I am way behind, I only just got into the hobby this month).

How is this a 9 channel plane? According to HobbyKing, this is a 7 servo plane with aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle, flaps, and landing gear. Assuming you give flaps and aileron separate channels for left and right wings, that is 8 channels. I also get 8 channels by taking the 7 servos plus ESC to get 8. What is the 9th channel for?