Thoughts about the new FrSky X9 Lite?


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Hello everyone, it has been a while (too long really) since I made a post of real substance.

Today I am wondering if anyone has had a look at the new FrSky X9 Lite. This transmitter is set to be FrSky's new entry level transmitter.

It's styled after their X9D but is slightly smaller. It also is setup to use 18650 lithium cells from the factory (I like this idea). However, it does NOT have a more standard JR style Tx module bay and instead has some small form factor bay that FrSky is trying to promote.

It also ships with FrSky's new Tx protocol: ACCESS.

I'm sorely tempted to buy one of these radios. It looks like it will be more comfortable than the QX7 and looks like a more traditional radio.

Issue is it means I have to update all my receivers to the new ACCESS protocol, which will be a hassle.

On the one hand, I think FrSky is trying to compete with Jumper on price now, however, by moving away from the JR style module bay, they just shot themselves in the foot by eliminating the ease of dropping a multi-protocol module in. Multi-Protocol being a feature that most jumper radios offer as standard at the same or similar price point. Not sure what FrSky is thinking here.

So, what are the community thoughts?

Part of me is now wanting to sell my QX7 and buy the X9 Lite...but, I'm also not sure there is enough going for the X9 lite to justify that move.


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It’s not as good a radio as the QX7, it’s got much cheaper parts and isn’t as versatile. I bought a second hand 9XD instead of a QX7, I don’t like the angular case. I would have bought a T16 if it was out when I was looking last, the only big problem with that is lack of how to support on the web since they are new.
Access will lockout all D8 receivers without re-flashing them which would mean you can not use micro quad boards with inbuilt D8, I have a couple of those. I am also not going to bother flashing all my receivers with new firmware.
In fact I just bought an IrangeX multi protocol module so I can fly everything off the one TX. I am using 9m on all my quads too, so won’t need D16 or Access.


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Also be aware that none of the generic FrSky compatible receivers you might have can be upgraded to ACCESS protocol - and only some FrSky receivers will have new firmware released, so check your receiver models before buying. Also, sadly, I haven't seen anything indicating that it will be possible from the OpenTX side for an ACCESS protocol transmitter to use the ACCST protocol without using an external radio module since the firmware update to the radio board is under FrSky control.

So if you like having one transmitter to bind them all, an ACCESS transmitter isn't the one. If you don't mind having a couple transmitters hanging around, or are OK with replacing all your receivers and not using any previously released FrSky compatible bind-and-fly aircraft, then you too can be an early adopter! :p

Personally, this is the first FrSky radio line I won't be buying for quite a while, if ever.


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I really think that FrSky is shooting themselves in the foot here with this new X9 Lite system.

I'm going to stick with my QX7 for the time being and probably start revisiting my QX7 transmitter body redesign project. Like FDS I don't really care for how angular the QX7 is, but for the price it's hard to ignore the functionality and overall simplicity. I can't justify the additional complication of an X9D (all the extra pots and switches, I already barely use switches on my QX7).