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saw the seaplane challenge then saw the date still going ahead with it a little later tho 1630615490686.png
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THe aircraft in question is a roughly stylized drawign of a French Loire Et Olivier LeO H-242 from the late 1930's. THe French used it as a passenger plane in the Mediteranean, in particular on routes from Marseille and Nice to Tunis and Oran in what was then French North Africa.

I got a plan of it here:
LeO h-242 - Copy.gif

Years ago, while I was heavily into making wooden toy aircraft instead of flying polystyrene ones, I made a couple of plans for one, but lost interest after my first protpotype didn't quite look the part. Then again, I might have tried to make it look too much like a model rather than making it look like a toy. Anyway, for those who feel like carving a form out of a styrofoam block is the perfect way to spend your weekend, here are the plans from then. May be someone adventurous will try to build an even more abstract version of it for their EZ-engine pack.

(it should print on two standard letter-size sheets of paper (laying flat/landscape)


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Did someone say flying boat? Here's mine. It.s called the Jupiter Duck; 6mm Depron. Put the wheels on until I trim it out. Then it's off to the local pond. More resources on my blog: https://foamboardflyers.com


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