Tiny Trainer / Mini Power Pod Battery Placement


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Hi there, finishing up my first 2 TT's but really struggling with a good place to put my 550 3s batteries. I don't want to put velcro all over my batts but can't find a great spot for a battery strap or addl. mounting option. I'd love to see or hear any recommendation and thoughts on battery mounting for the mini power pod designs.
I fly a ton of FPV and have a Tundra but a friend got me into FT and I just finished 2 TT's (one original, one with the cockpit mod) and a Goblin. Really enjoying the building phase and can't wait to crash ***err fly these guys.



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I use a velcro strap as used for cable management on mine. I cut 2 slots through the bottom of the powerpod and feed the velcro strap through the slots so that the open ends are on the bottom of the strap. Hold the battery against the bottom of the power pod and tighten the vercro strap around it. works quite well as long as it is tight enough!

Have fun!


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You could put a rubber band around the nose and tuck the battery under it, against the pod.


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I run a 850 3s/4s in mine and place a bbq stick through the nose just in front of the bottom piece. It is unable to go back any farther than that and the stick holds it in place. My second build I put a piece of velcro just inside on the bottom panel it's enough to hold it in place. I've heard of someone rubber banding it to the top of the nose as well. @TEAJR66 Idea is probably better than on top though ;)

You can see the third stick below the two PowerPod sticks that hold my battery in. Sadly this plane is gone because the ESC died mid air and it crashed breaking off the tail completely. I could have glued it back together but whats $2 in foam :)



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It looks cool but honestly anyone who is reading this and can get it, don't use it. It delaminates if you even touch it and for some reason weaker.