Tiny Whoop Video Feed cutting out


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Hi FT fam!

I am new to multirotors in general and the tinywhoop in particular, and have an issue and some questions!

Setup: I am using the FT TinyWhoop Brushless Kit with Emax Transporter II goggles and the Radiomaster Pocket.

There is a video feed when I first plug in the drone, but it completely cuts out when I try to fly. I did smack into a ceiling pretty good - at first I thought it was a loose connector, but it reliably cuts out after I start flying and works again when it's first plugged in - makes me think it's something else.

Any troubleshooting suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Other Questions:
-I just realized there is a betaflight menu you can access (looking through the goggles) before arming the drone. This seems like a core feature but I haven't heard anything about it! Is there a tutorial on this somewhere?
-How do I change (or check!) the video transmission channel on the drone? I know how to change it in the goggles, but have no idea on the drone itself!
-Are FT Tiny Whoops generally durable, or are issues like this to be expected regularly? The first board I had didn't even bind, and now this... is there a way to make these more durable? Would adding a canopy help?

Thanks in advance!