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Benjamin P

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Hi, I was just wondering if you guys have any tips for less experienced flyers and first-time scratch builders?


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Hello Benjamin. Welcome to Flite Test. You are in the right place for answers to those questions.

To better help us help you you should tell us a little about yourself. Things like what your interest in the hobby is, any previous experiences with RC, Electronics, flight. Maybe what level of education so we don't talk to you like sesame street if you have a good one or that we don't confuse you with a lot of technical jargon if you may not have a lot. Age may also factor into the equation so a general idea might help too.

As for tips I can start generally with read, research, learn anything you can to find out exactly what interests you and what you want to do with it. Flite Test video section is a great place to start with gear reviews, build videos, cool new products, even a ton of things they have designed and built themselves. There are also a lot of member build threads to go thru for ideas as well.

In any case do NOT rush blindly into the hobby as it can be expensive and the longer you take to learn the less chance of higher costs, bad experiences, and potential pain from an accident. I would suggest for your very first purchase in the hobby you find a good mid range radio as that will last you thru most if not all of your time in the hobby. It will also open up the wonderful world of flight simulators that you will be using the rest of your time in the hobby as well to learn new techniques, gain muscle memory, learn model perspectives as well as try new and cool tricks all without paying a cent for repairs.


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Hello Ben,
I would echo what Psyborg said. There is a wealth of diverse knowledge here in the forum but it helps alot to know more about you and what you're after.

Welcome to the forum.