scratch building

  1. Mid7night

    Giant 1/4 Scale C-47

    I've shared a lot of this on social media - and I've felt bad for not being on the forums in a while - so especially now that it's flown I want to make sure there's a place here on the FT Forums where I can engage, answer questions, and connect with everyone who isn't on the "other" places. So...
  2. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    My Method For Designing Aircraft (For Aspiring Scratch Builders)

    Good day all, I wanted to take time to share one of my techniques I use to build my own aircraft. Building from plans is a great way to get started in the hobby and enjoy proven and tested designs, but many of us would like to take the next step and create an aircraft that is fully our own...
  3. AED6D65B-6C93-445D-90C5-7BACD6DC55FE.jpeg


  4. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 - Build-Ruary (Build Challenge)

    February is FT-Build-Ruary Month! Hi All, Lets welcome another flying season, ready to go! I challenge all here to turn February into FT-Build-Ruary So Many Planes So Little Time: I, like most folk in this community, have a LONG build list of planes I would LOVE to build. In the last couple...
  5. nOtyRmOm

    T-6 Texan build

    So today I started building a t-6 Texan from my own design I will post pictures in like an hour. Any problems you see from the photos tell me. I will appreciate your comments.
  6. N

    Scratch Vapor, Needs Electronics

    So I've been looking at the E-Flite/Parkzone Vapors. I"m really wanting one because I live in the suburbs of SoCal and our backyard is pretty small. It's starting to be summer and I'm trying to find something I can fly around on calm nights while the rest of the fam are in the pool and the...
  7. MarioGdV

    Which one is the best way to build a fuselage? Posterboard or Foamboad?

    Hello there! Today I bought a secondhand plane (a Baby Blender with longer wings) because of the price and the electronics. I'm thinking in designing my own RC Plane. It's also a biplane (Polikarpov I-15) and it will have aproximately the same size, so I guess it the motor will handle the...
  8. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! C-130 semi-scratch build near GP specs?

    I've built the FT Guinea Pig, and a scratch Sky-Van(?) I call a "Sky-Truck". But now is the wait to paint, power packs, batteries, radio gear, etc... I normally cut my Hot Pockets just after I cook them with a large chefs knife, just because I get kinda even bites. Hey, wait, wrong forum...
  9. CatholicFlyer

    Two Plane Build Projects

    One is the Nieuport 24 The second is a plane from two paper towel cardboard rolls put together. In the first one I ask what RC Electronic engines and powerpack would make it fly like the real one and the second one, what powerpack if you did a build with the paper towel cardboard rolls, would...
  10. still_frosty

    Building With Coroplast

    Hello Fellow Builders. I've been thinking of building a project with coroplast. I've never worked with it before and I was wondering if any of you have built with it, and if so, what kind of glue did you find to work best? Do you think that PVC cement would work? It would be nice to find a...
  11. B

    Tips for beginners

    Hi, I was just wondering if you guys have any tips for less experienced flyers and first-time scratch builders?
  12. M

    Surprise my dad: what FT model to build for him?

    Hi guys, so I want to build a plane for my dad's birthday. He is kind of a noob (like me), but he loves gliders (he flies and crashes the MPX SOLIUS). He lives around an area with a lot of smaller soft hills and quite some wind, and he wants to learn slope soaring. He definitely needs a plane...
  13. O

    ROSS Foam Board Review

    Full Article Here: Don't forget to rate it!! Thanks. When walking the isles of the craft store or surfing the web searching for the perfect foam board, there are a multitude of options to choose from. How do you decide? What makes them different...
  14. S

    Scratch Building SkySurfer

    Hey guys, I'm Suvansh I have been working on a skysurfer, totally scratch built, designed in sketchup. the wing span of the plane 1500mm, the plane was actually designed for 8mm foam board as the one which you guys use(4mm) isnt available here(where I live), and the foam board is a lot...
  15. Croom

    Delta Starfighter - Scratch Build

    Flight Video: Dimensions/specs video: Website: Youtube: Hello everyone! I'm Croom from AileronRC and I love to...