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To infinity, and beyond!

So there are a ton of cool Buzz Lightyear toys in stores right now, and I was thinking it would be super awesome if Flight Test could make an episode where you make one of those fly. Extra bonus points if you can hack one of those talking versions so that you can trigger one of the speech buttons via your transmitter. =)


Knower of useless information
I think the toy would be a little heavy to fly, honestly, but it'd be pretty cool to make a foamboard Buzz Lightyear to fly!!! Now that you've said that, I might have to try building something like that...
What about strapping a plush-doll to a flying wing without any sweep in maybe a pusher or Bixler type prop-configuration? I think that would still qualify. =)


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Enough thrust, anything flies. USAF test pilot school unofficial motto: "In thrust we trust".

I was contemplating an estes 1/4A-3 Or two in the backpack

Don't know how to do servos, but I do have some 2 gram super mini's