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Tool Section?

This is just a small suggestion: This fourm is great and pretty much has everything. It's has sections for every type of aircraft, simulators, and Rx&Tx...but is there a Tool Section? To talk about anything from a screwdriver to CNC Machine. (I hope I'm not blind and just not seeing the section)


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
Pat I think your idea is an excellent one. I had been thinking along the same lines after reviewing the Crash Kit video recently. I had been thinking that the video covers the field but what about someone who wants to have a nice little shop. What kind of tool, jigs, and supplies would be good to have on hand? Heat gun, solder station, paint booth, prop balancing, etc.

One thing I like since I work with the 1/4" FFF is I like to use clothespins as little clamps. They're cheap and they seem to apply the right amount of pressure while the glue cures.

My favorite of the glues is Gorilla glue since it swells up some filling up gaps and it sand well.

One special tool we've made is a hot wire cutter. We've made two versions, one operated from a pistol type soldering gun and another table top style.

I think your idea is a good one and if we collaborate within the forum we can work smarter not harder.


Monkey/Bear Poker
I like the idea a lot! Since I started in this hobby earlier this year, it would be nice to see what would be best for the planes I fly.