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Help! Transmitter output issue

Thanks, I flashed it, but now I'm trying to paste the configs into CLI and it comes up with this and reboots it without saving it, what am I doing wrong?
Thanks guys, you've been super helpful, it's much appreciated!



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Having the diff file is more for a reference when things don't work, just plugging it into a different version will almost always cause errors. Start with the defaults and manually configure things. If it flips out you use the diff file to find less obvious things like board alignment etc.
Okay, I have set up everything that I can think of that has to be set up, including calibrate the ESCs, bit it's not working. I was able to get it to hover, but it would only be able to give a little bit of power, not even close to full power when the throttle was all the way up.
Also, when it did get off the ground, it would immediately flip. I have this video of it, but all the motors and props are correct since it was able to go up about a foot. In this video I couldn't get it to show that though.
Any ideas? Thanks
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Something that may be worth mentioning is that this is the arm I had a problem with before, the ESC blew out and I replaced it. I'm definitely not the best at soldering, but its definitely connected. All the motors were working fine in Betaflight.

Also, now the back left doesn't spin at all. The front left is the one that has the new ESC and isn't working, but it was spinning. The back left doesn't want to spin at all. I've retried a calibration and I got the same results.

Here's the pic of the front left arm and a vid of the drone doing its thing.



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Right at the end of the video you can hear the ESC reboot, I would start with the connections there. Also, can you post some pics of the FC wiring.


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Also it was pretty obvious that front left motor was not spinning as fast as the others at idle. Did you do a throttle calibration again after you managed to flash the FC properly? I almost thought it looked like the prop was spinning opposite of the other three but that is an optical illusion after seeing the picture with both props set to turn in to center.
Yes I'll get those pictures up. Also what do you mean by throttle calibration? I did ESC calibrations twice since flashing this firmware, is that what you mean? Or did I forget to do something?
I just tested it out on a mostly dead battery, it flies fine. However about 1/3 of the time it does that weird thing you saw in the vid. Do you guys have any ideas about this? I mean I'm happy with it right now because it can fly and just by disarming and re arming it it's fixed, but is there a possible permanent fix to this?