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Tricopter and KK2 v1.2 Self-Level/Parachute System

Hello everyone. I'm a noob, I'll admit it. Been messing with R/C planes for the last few years and a couple helicopters (HoneyBee CP3 destroyed, and a Blade mSR beaten to crap). I enjoy aerial photography quite a bit, and having a stable hovering platform has always been appealing, but daunting, due to my past experience with Helicopters. My main problem has always been the setup: I just want to get out there and fly, even if I'm flying against myself, so I neglect the time consuming tuning process. I look at it as an opportunity to increase my skill as an R/C pilot, but taking good footage/photos takes a backseat, so I'm done doing that. After watching flitetest and David's seemingly genius Tri build, I took the plunge.

Got it built yesterday and, after ESC calibration issues and the Tri spinning like a top, I got it flying. Now, it's a million times more stable than the HoneyBee was (not a very good copter to begin with, though), and I can take my hand off the sticks for a good 5-8 seconds in low wind, but the self-level feature is finicky as hell, so I haven't used it. From what I can tell, not using self-level, the Tri will mainly stick to the direction you last made inputs to. When I use self-level, it becomes a mess, constantly wanting to roll right and slightly backwards. Re-calibrating the sensors helps, but then it just chooses a new, unwanted, direction to drift towards. Essentially, self-level makes it harder to fly. I'll be ordering the USBasp and flashing it to v1.5, but in the meantime, is there anyway to get this sucker to be normal in v1.2? Itching to get some cool shots without worrying about losing orientation 100ft up and not having self-level to help me out in a pinch. This brings me to my next point.

Has anyone rigged up a parachute system, or is this just a bad idea, especially considering how crash resistant and easily fixed David's Tri is?

Anyways, good to be here, fly safe!


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I have yet to see a parachute system on a tri, but there's a couple of guys selling a fast-deploy parachute system. It's about the size of a soda can.

As to you moving from v1.2 to v1.5, well. . . it will be like night and day regarding self level.
Soda can seems pretty big/heavy. I'll figure something out. Will try to only use a servo, a garbage bag, and a rubber band with just the act of falling separating the chute from the copter. It's possible (I think, haha).

Thanks for the response Cyber.