Tricopter drifts, KK 2.1.5-board


Build a scratch Tricopter, based on the MakerTrainer Tricopter by Lucas Weakley.
I started with a MW Flip 1.5 FC but switched to a KK 2.1.5
As I am very noob I prefered the easy of use of the KK-board by using the buttons in the field, in stead of having to switch back to a pc every time.

Everything is mounted and I'm learning to fly the Tri, in the mean while trying to figuring out the setup-proces ... not an easy learning curve but very satisfying :)

I have my Tri not flying rather stable when using autolevel .. still working/learning on the PI-settings .. but my Tri drifts away: sideways AND some yaw.

I must admit that I use three CW rotors so that might have something to do with the slowly turning (yaw). I'll try to buy some new CW and CCW rotors asap.

Now, when using my Flip-FC there was the possibility to trim the board to counter drifting .. but I can not find such a feature with the KK.
In the Hobbyking-manual I found: " ... If it drifts away, use the trims to
keep the drift down. ... " (page 6
... but - stupid me - I can't figure out what this trimming is or where I can find in the KK-menu

And I learned earlier that this trimming should NOT be done on the radio ...
Or am i totally wrong?

And there is also this: when setting up the board I made sure that the tri, with the mounted KK-board was on a perfect flat, horizontal level (table) ... and then also did the ACC calibration. I checked everything with a spirit level on the table AND on the tricopter!
That went OK ...but when I checked the gyro-bubble, I noticed it was very slightly off, even after doing the calibration twice?? The Acc bubble was perfectly centred though.

I did found something on trimming in the self-level-mode in the Steveis-manual:
" ... ACC Trim Roll – compensates for self level drift when the KK2.1.X had the ACC calibrated
when it wasn’t exactly level.
• ACC Trim Pitch – compensates for self level drift when the KK2.1.X had the ACC calibrated
when it wasn’t exactly level.
• It’s better to calibrate the ACC with the KK2.1.X level rather than use the trims. Make sure
the KK2.1.X is mounted level in the multicopter.
... "
(page 9 Self-level settings )

... so I guess this is the solution: I'll have to alter these ACC trim Roll and Pitch-numbers ??? But how about drifting when I am not in self-levelmode?

And what about the Yaw-drifting? (The Tri slowly turning/spinning motion)? There is no trim-option there?

And how is it possible for the gyro's to be off centre after I made an Acc-calibration on a perfect flat surface?

Any Fb?
thanks in davance!
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