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Tricopter fail


Propaganda machine
I reckon you're right there! The rx seemed to go into failsafe. Of course, you did a range check, didn't you? ;)

Hope it doesn't take you much $$$ or time to repair. I'm really keen to see it in action. If you can keep it from falling out of the sky for a few flights in spite of your radio gear, we could chuck my video tx on there...
If you were on the other side of the building you might very well end up in a radio shadow.

I'm not sure but are you using MultiWii? If so you should check out failsafe "auto-landing" features that kicks in if you loose connection

On my Quadcopter the default value of 200 was a very fast descent so I increased it a bit until I feel safe.
(That is 200 above armed motor value)

Also make sure you rebind your RX after all programming is done to get the correct failsafe again

At least you didn't crash on the roof of the building ;)



How many letters do we ge
Funny thing was I was within close range with direct LOS between me and the tri, all on the same side of the building.

Yes, very fortunate to miss the roof (that is a heritage listed building!). Also fortunate to miss the cow pats!

Planning to use a different RX with satellite next time. Thanks for the auto land heads up - I'll check that out when I get it down again.

Cheers, G


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i wonder if there could have been some strange signal reflection from that metal roof. was this your first flight at this location?