Tricopter for a client


Never catch a multirotor
Good job, that looks very nice !
I like that very light center plate. Who supplies that ?
Can you also add some details of the .. x .. mm tubes + tube length ? The yaw mechanism you used, etc ? Noticing the tape I think this is just a test setup. I would lead the motor wiring inside the alloy tubes and install the three esc on that spacy center plate.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yet another Swede! :)

RCExplorer, UndCon, dezent, Colorex, and one other guy I can't remember his name...

Are you swedish? Didn´t know about that :D:D:D

BTT Nice build there.

What would you recommend. MW or HK KK V2?
I don´t know if you used both but I presume you did. :D

Good build. Looks very nice and neat. The client will be happy.