Tricopter KK2.1.5 help throttle controls both yaw servo and ESCs


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I need help with my tricopter.

KK2.1.5 board, Steveis 1.17l firmware.

The receiver test shows all the controls going from -100 to 100 individually for all channels.

However, I can't arm it.

When I do the ESC calibration (powering on and holding 1&4 on the KK), what I do see happening is that the throttle stick causes motors to spin up as well as the yaw servo to point the motor to the right on low throttle and then moves to pointing the motor to the left on high throttle.

I've switched between tricopter m7 and m4 and it still does the same thing and won't arm.

What am I doing wrong?


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I had to lower my throttle trim to get it to work. Looks like I didn't set that up properly.


The servo moves with throttle when calibrating the ESCs because the KK2 makes no difference between the outputs when calibrating the ESCs. Everyone gets the throttle Signal (even the servo) and that's it.

Glad you got it working!