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Tricopter power distribution and tail servo

I have the bat bone with the ipeaka 22a esc and suppo motors from the flite test power combo. How do I power everything? How do I plug in the servo. The ESC's has a built in bec. Can anyone provide a diagram or layout of the harness? Oh and using the OrangeRx. If that's helps.


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For powering the servo, use the rear esc assuming it has an in built bec and it's around 2A. Use David's guide for soldering a pin header on, I didn't solder it directly to the board with my tricopter but soldered a female servo lead onto it. http://rcexplorer.se/projects/2013/01/the-tricopter-v2-6hv-delux/ Power your flight controller off of another esc, making sure that on the left over esc you remove the power wire when you plug it in to the flight controller.


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First what control board are you using? Not knowing what board you are using we can not help with how things are plugged in. To power the ESCs you either need to build a harness or solder everything to a power distribution board. Once you answer the board question we should be able to help more
After a bit more searching on google images and some guess work and a little luck. I have it all but together and wired. Was able to in a stable hover for a bit in my barracks room. I have the kk2.1.5. Servo lead goes to m4 and all 3 positive and negative battery wires from ESC's are soldered together for one dean plug. I assume I have everything right. I will know if it starts smokin haha.
Haha well I wish I had filmed it. Flew beautifully, a slight wobble possibly from not balancing the hubs. I was getting the feel for the sticks when it happened. The right motor slipped off the boom and came up and around and hit the left boob snapping it. The whole mess flipped once and landing up right in the grass. Damage is 2 booms and my pride. This helped me in two ways. I now can put the camera tray on and I can paint the booms to help orientation. I already have new booms cut to length. I'm addicted, I love the sound of the trio of props.