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Tricopter vs H-quad

Hello, I want to get into multi rotors and as soon as HobbyKing gets the DT-750s back in stock I am going to build one. My question is which is easier to operate the Tricopter or the H-Quad? Both of them interest me although I think the Tricopter would cost me more to build. I welcome all the advice you can give me.



Senior Member
If it was me i would go with a H-Quad. My first build was a tri and was very disapointed when it was hard to get to grips with. The H Quad is a wicked design and very forgiving. (So long as you make sure arms are in line)
my first was using the DT-750's but i have found it flys great with NTM 28-36 750kv motors and 10x4.7 props, 20amp blue series hobbyking esc's with simonk flash. cant say enough about simonk flash your life will be so much easier as you get 100% better response on the throttle.
cant wait to see what you decide :)
OK, so H-Quad it is, I was leaning that way anyhow. My next question is Since the KK2 board is not available right now, what other flight controller boards are other using and how user friendly are they? Or would I be better off waiting for the KK2, this is my first choise.