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Tricopter wont go level


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HI guys, ive built my fpvmanuals delrin tricopter and all was going well...
I had it hovering quite well the other night but now i cant seem to get it anywhere without alot of stick input!
Ive done this so far:
Calibrated the esc’s
Got a different prop on the front left
Got my duel rates set to 55 low 75 high
Expo at 30 on aileron and elevator
Throttle curve nearly straight just flattened a little in the middle.
Correct CG

All it seems to want to do is lift the front up, ive sub-trimmed the elevator to MAX and it only just tries to take off level... Something has to be wrong.
Iknow it shouldn’t have that much sub-trim ...


Update: sorry forgot to say im using HK KK board v2.1 - ive flashed it to 2.5/1.6kk/and now 1.5 and none make a difference
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I've got kind of the same problem. only difference is that I can fly calm without problems, but when I give full throttle it wants to tip back over, and keeps wanting to tilt back, I have to push the pitch stick forward, (try to) land it and reconnect the battery. then everything is fine again.
have reflashed it with other firmware, will let you know if this helps.