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Tuff Trainer w/ Floats!


Senior Member
Lol. I put "floats" (noodles) on my HK Tuff Trainer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I put it in my pool and taxied around. It works pretty good except that the whole horizontal stabilizer submerges underwater. Anyone know how I can fix that?
Photo on 5-12-12 at 2.22 PM.jpg
The whole plane needs to sit level for it to work. You might also want to cut the foam so they're more pointy at the front (like a boats hull) else if you do get off the water and need to land, the front is just going to stop and it'll go arse over tip.


Put a metal clothes hanger or something somewhat shapable through the middle of the pontoons to bow the front of the pontoons up. Pretty much the same thing Funky Diver says.