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Turnigy 9x buddy box Hitec 9x

Hello everyone..

Long boring story cut very short. A buddy of mine at the field needs some help. He wants to get back into flying. And over the years his motor skills have gone. So I'm trying to help. He has some electric powered glider or something that I haven't seen yet. Doesn't matter.

I'm fairly new to the world of 2.4. But with the help of Google and the fine people on here I'm getting there. So here's the deal. He has the plane set up with a Turnigy 9x. I have a Hitec Aurora 9x. Can I buddy box them with the Hitec as the slave? I've looked online and its very confusing. I have the Hitec Trainer Cord For Aurora Radios.

Thank you so very much for the assistance. I truly appreciate it.