Buddy box question.


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I have 2 dx6e. Set up as wireless buddy box. Can the slave be any airplane listed in my radio, or just the slow stick I'm using. In other words, it is master simply controlling the slave? Or does the slave need new info about a new plane?


The buddy box setup will only work correctly if the slave radio has all the same model setup information as the master radio. The only differences should be that the slave radio has wireless training disabled and is bound to the master radio instead of directly to the receiver in the airplane.

The mater radio does not control the slave radio. The master radio receives inputs from the slave radio and then passes them to the airplane. If the slave radio is setup incorrectly it will not send the expected signal to the master. For example if you have the elevator channel reversed on the slave that reversed signal will be received by the master radio and passed on to the model.

As you are using two radios that are the same type, the best way to do this is to export the models from the master radio and import them into the slave radio. That way all the settings are transferred without needing to reprogram each model setup into the slave radio.