Turnigy 9x running OpenTX version 2.1.9 problems

Hello FliteTest community,

As I've written in the title, I own a Turnigy 9x with a smartiepartz board rev 2.3 running OpenTX version 2.1.9. Since upgrading to this version I have encountered a few of problems.

First, there is no response from my Throttle and Aileron switches. they are always stuck on "ON" no matter what I do. This wouldn't be a big problem but I have a lot of switches setup for my quadcopter so losing 2 of them is kind of annoying.

Second, My backlight controls don't work. I have to have the backlight set to "OFF" if I want it to work at all, which doesn't bother me all that much, but I guess it will end up having an effect on my TX's battery life.

Third, the "Throttle Not Idle" warning never goes away unless I hit a key. I like the throttle warning feature especially as I tend to not setup throttle cuts on my planes. I have calibrated the sticks many times and the value readouts say that it is zeroed, but it keeps giving me this warning. ***Update: fixed this. I didn't realize I had my controller setup for mode 1. Switched to mode 2 and this works fine now!***

Any ideas on how to fix these issues?

Thanks, Nathan
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