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Twin Copter Help


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Currently own a few Heli's, been practicing on a HK250GT, with turnigy 800mah 20-30c 3s packs. I would like to build a mini twin that would use this same battery so I could fly it indoors, and confined spaces, right now fly in the garage with the way the weather has been. Looking at the Turnigy park 300-1080, or the Turnigy t2211-1300 brushless motors, with about a 7x6 combo prop set, (one counter rotating and one standard). Not sure the T2211 will have enough power. For speed control thought I would go with the plush 10amp, and the HK multi-rotor control v3.0. Wonder if the HK 5g servos would be enough or would I need to go the 9g servos. Have never built or flown a multi rotor craft, and not exactly sure what motors, props, etc... to go with for the size that I would like to build, does anyone like have a good Idea?
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Ak Flyer

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Are you talking about something like a Chinook helicopter? I've never seen a small scratch built one of those. That would be really cool.


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What I'm talking about is like the scorpion from avatar, I have seen some prototypes on the internet, but they are all scratch built. Kindof like the one David and Chad built except use a standard 250 heli frame and without the rings around the props. The size that I want to build I think that I am going to have to be wait consious.