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twin Twirl scratch build

529545_10151130207009305_601204415_n.jpg I want to find the right motor but my daughter wanted me to post this pic to show our progress :) her and I have built this together so far and cant wait to fly. more pics to come.


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I have started a build of what I am calling a "Tiny Twirl" using the Parkzone Sukhoi electronics brick. I will post my completed plane once i have tested it.
I thought this was a very cool flying machine but a little hokey looking. After seeing some Navy V-22 Ospreys fly over when i was in Florida, I was inspired to make this. Picture 005.jpg Picture 012.jpg Picture 002.jpg


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my version of the twin twirl.

maidened yesterday and it flew great much to everyone's surprise. that was until the paper delaminated from the foam and both rotors started to tear off. you know the rest of the story...

got it home, fixed the wing/paper issues, reinforced the rotor mounts, replaced the CF rod with steel, and beefed up the motor mount. got it rebalanced and she is ready to fly again. regrettably it's gray and rainy today so she will have to wait until next saturday.




using a turnigy 2830-980kv motor, 10x4.7 prop, 20A BLHeli ESC, 6-channel Orange Rx, 3S-1300mah, 2 - 9g servos.


jason ;)
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so the twirl lived an amazing, short life. we could all hope for the same. it's exit from this world was epic.

this was going to be it's 3rd day of flying, so maybe 6th flight. i knew based upon the last flite this would prob be its last. i saved it for a sunday when turnout at the field is lower, not wanting to disgrace the twirl. much to my demise the president of the club just randomly shows up. of course everyone is like, "hey. you gotta see this...." and before long i was on the runway.

i had reinforced a few things since last flite/crash and was semi-confident that it would fly. i lined it up on the center strip, hand spun both gyro blades, then hit the throttle. all was looking good. i pulled back on elevator and it started to rise into the air.

omg, what a relief.

but wait...then it immediately flipped inverted, flew for a few feet, rolled back over and landed like i meant to do it. prefect. crowd went wild.

i run to end of field and grab it, take it back down wind. line it up again. this time we got it! same routine, spin the blades, throttle up, pull back, and we are in the air. controls are sketchy but it's up and flying. then, it dives hard into a bush. crowd is now laughing so hard they can barely breathe.

run and grab, notice the left wing support had come loose. walk back past the crowd and say, "we got this, just need some tape."

i grab my packing tape from the tool box, wrap things back up and throw it back on the field. now EVERYONE is watching. i follow same routine, spin it up, throttle up, taxi and pull back. this time it lifts into the air and flies. the crowd is jumping up and down at this point in disbelief.

i take it down field, begin an approach from the south. all is steady and good. we are coming back to the field and at the last moment, its pulls hard right and goes into the death spiral.

at this point i couldn't contain myself anymore and joined all the guys behind me laughing. i don't remember the last time i laughed that hard. for that, and that alone. i start v2.0 using v1 as bones...

new twirl.jpg

long live the twirl!


jason ;)