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Twin Twirl


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh review the Twin Twirls! Watch as they explain the flying characteristics, and then go fly! These planes are great trainers, and also fly amazing. Watch this video to see more.


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Josh Bixler got a new Shirt !!!!!
New for sure, but he has worn it on at least one other episode, as I noticed it on a previous video. I have a feeling its been airbrushed . . I like the look of it.

lobstermash, I've also had trouble getting decent priced foamboard. I've mainly been buying Depron, but I get that from a Hobby Shop Locally


How many letters do we ge
Wishing I could get my hands on some cheap foamboard.
You can look through my top secret 3mm depron stash at the RC craft night if you promise not to tell anyone where it is.

I even have the plans for this one somewhere.

Maybe if you cut another 'kit of parts' at the craft night that might make a fair trade (foam for labour). I'd want to put mine together with UHU Por before you taint my foam with your hot glue gun!




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Cool bananas! I might just make yours while I'm going at it ;) Using hot glue it'd be together before you realised!

PS do you still have any of those 10A fixed wing ESCs?
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How many letters do we ge
Yup - I've two of them unused. Have earmarked one for brushlessing my Easy Box (and making an aileron wing - making a mini mini ultra stick). But my project list is always flexible!


How many letters do we ge
Just found a 12A esc which is suitable for the easy box come acro box conversion.

Leaving 2x 10A ESCs for little twirls.



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Wait, is an autogyro a gateway drug??? I could be in trouble.
Yep, First you build one and bring it in to a nearly hovering landing in a mild headwind. Then you will catch yourself looking at quads but wondering how much better 6 rotors might be over 2 or 4, then it is just a very short jump to the hard stuff, OCTOCOPTER.:p

It's a plot by Josh, Josh and Chad to get EVERYONE into multi-rotors. One craft, many more esc's, motors, props and bigger batteries. I bet Hobby King is in on the scheme too since the company is likely to profit greatly from it. ;)

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Flew my Twin Twirl tonight, here it is hanging out with my Snowball.

Took right off and flew like it was supposed to. Looks cool with the rotors going through the air. Keychain cam taking video stopped just after I checked it in my reflection so no video dangit. Thats the problems with flying alone.