UMX P-51D repair - is it worth it?


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This is the result of my encounter with a hawk. Those are claw and beak markings!
Do you guys think it makes sense to try to repair it (foam safe CA and, perhaps, a few carbon fiber strips or thin tubes here and there)? Or should I just get myself a new fuselage? Mechanically it seems to be ok, although the elevator servo may be jammed (that's why I couldn't recover, I think). I haven't disassembled it yet, hope it's just something holding the linkage.

Full video of the encounter is here:


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That’s repairable, or check out Micro Aces, they do airframes of some awesome WW1 planes that take the UMX internals.


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Thanks! My biggest concern is the torn off nose. The foam is ripped and squished. I don't mind additional nose weight - it was a touch tail heavy, despite the battery being as far forward as it could. Here's another shot.

Micro Aces - do I just transplant the internals onto a new airframe?