Understanding Sequencers for Scale Flying

L Edge

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Spectrum added sequencers to advanced radios to program "this-than-that" mixing. Example they show is the sequence of gear doors to open and go down when landing and then flip a switch the reverse.
Another use I saw was to rotate guns mounted on a fighter. The action is run by a servo which rotates the guns and follows the graph that you give it.

I had a twin engine transport that I decided that I wanted the first engine to start, wait 3 secs, and the second engine to start. The sequencer was set up to flip a switch, then one engine starts, time sequence, second engine starts and stays at idle. Now think about it for a scale WW1 or WW2, that will get the judges attention!!!!!
Lost the video and never uploaded when my computer crashed so, no go.

Having 2nd sequencers (DX9), how about a "this-than-that" setup.
I wanted to simulate the setup of the transport braking order Used a 3 position switch.
1) release brake.
2) taxi transport by proper speed ( brake cycles off and on to prevent overspeed) this is an infinity cycle in the sequencer program. You would add or subtract throttle to control taxi speed. Graph raised higher tighten the pressure and reverse loosen the pressure hitting the tire.
3)brake is withdrawn to allow takeoff.

All I used was servo, metal arm, and stainless steel rod. SS rod goes across wheel to retard speed by friction.
Video showing how it worked

The DX9 is limited to 2 sequencer programs. So if you think you will build scale planes, maybe add sequencing programming events to the judges for closer scale.
and more sequence programs.

Here is what it looks like to produce a sequencer program.