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Programming scale engine starts.


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I was watching a video of engine starts recently and I thought it would be cool to have a scale looking engine start for my Dumod.
I have a Taranis X9D+ and would like to figure out how to program it so that the left motor turns very slowly for a bit, then kicks faster a couple times like each cylinder is starting to fire, until finally settling into a low idle, then the right motor does the same. I already have a throttle cut programmed to a 3 position switch. Down is off, middle would be regular throttle control, and switching it to the final position could initiate the startup procedure and then keep the motors at a low idle. I have differential thrust programmed in already, so each motor is already on its own channel.
I would appreciate any guidance you open TX pros could give. @rockyboy @willsonman @RCdiy @PsyBorg ? Who else am I missing?
The way I see it there are two phases.
1) The startup sequence
Must run once when the switch is flipped, but not after the motors are running.

2) Low idle
The motors hold a constant speed when the switch is in the up position and the startup has run once.
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L Edge

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It is interesting to see what other radios can do. Especially trying to start the motor slowly, then kicks faster and then the idle.

I ended up starting a low idle speed on one motor, wait 5 secs, then the other one starts.
Having only 2 sequencers, also set up a brake on the nose wheel. 3 positions 1) brake is on for startup 2) brake is full off for takeoff 3) servo oscillates so the rod touches the wheel is off-on-off so the transport taxis with slow speed.
Could also be used to rotate a gun turret for scale effects.

It was a nightmare learning how to get the sequencer to work. Good luck, will be watching.