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*Unofficial* FT A-10 Warthog


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Cool, I've got the files for the PT-17... Need to finish my updates to the printer first!!
How did the spitfire fly (or did it?...)
It didn't. I was having some issues with the esx/receiver, and while trying to sort it out, the motor spun up, and I very quickly realized there was a problem with my 3d printed spinner... Because it wobbled hard, caught tip of the fuselage, tore off a chunk of it and pulled the motor and mount right out of the plane... Whoops :)

Luckily no injuries. My first print of the plane ended up in the heavy side anyways, so I already didn't think it would survive a maiden, so now I get to try again :)
see what we got in 2.5 hrs. printing front middle section. just happened to have switched back to PLA. ;)

i have a 300x300x400 print bed, size isn't going to be the issue.

thanks again.

me :cool:
They fit nice on my prusa mk3, but I did test to make sure they fit on smaller 200mm beds.
Got all the rest of the parts done except motor mount (took me 20mins for the lot of them), just waiting on my thingverse account to let me publish. Should be up in the hour I am guessing.
Let me know if they are just too heavy, I can shave a mm or 2 off the thickness. I was not happy with 3mm, seemed too flexible on the test print. I might play with a thinner, ribbed solution if 5mm is too thick
the middle section printed fine. i'm in the process of modifying the round parts to have a 16x19 motor mount in the center. i have no interest in an a-10 w/ props on the wings. i plan on stuffing 4 motors into the nacelles like they originally did on the giant a-10. when i get them finished i will post them for anyone who wants.


Nice. My next step was to modify for an edf mount. Was thinking setting it up for fms 70mm edf's.
On a full sized A-10 those struts to the nacelles are solid and a bit wing shaped. That will be the key to the added strength to support motors I think.
They took a little more work keeping the duct rolled around due to the thickness, and I'd definitely recommend light sanding when you're first hot gluing the duct on to start, but other than thst I had no issues.

Except for my own stupidity when I accidentally put the end duct pieces on backwards and ruined it all. Sigh. Time to start again :-(