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FT Commuter

Designed By: Ben Harber
Plans By: Dan Sponholz

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The FT Commuter is a community design by fellow Flite Tester Ben Harber. It is an intermediate build and flies as you would expect a small trainer. It can be set up as a bank and yank with aileron and elevator control or you can set up an optional rudder. The Commuter is perfect to throw in your back seat when on the go! It is an ideal choice for pilots looking for slightly more skilled build process, and a docile and relaxing every day flyer.​

Speed Build Kit:
Power Pack Compatibility:

Wingspan: 30 inches (762 mm)​
Center of Gravity: 1 inch (25 mm) behind the leading edge​
Control Surface Throws:
Expo Suggestions:

Free Plans: Coming Soon

Release Video​
Build Video​


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Thank you SPONZ so much for doing the plans. They are beautiful!!! Just wondering if the templates for the landing gear wires were accidentally missed or left off for a particular reason? Thank you to everyone involved. You contributions are much appreciated.