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FT Commuter

FT Commuter 1.0


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FT Commuter - FT Commuter Free Plans

FT Commuter

Designed By: Ben Harber
Plans By: Dan Sponholz
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The FT Commuter is a community design by fellow Flite Tester Ben Harber. It is an intermediate build and flies as you would expect a small trainer. It can be set up as a bank and yank with aileron and elevator control or you can set up an optional rudder. The Commuter is perfect to throw in your back seat when on the go! It is an...
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Problems: 1) Piece marked "Dihedral Gauge" looks like it is actually a Throws Gauge. 2) Unidentified piece is the "Dorsal Fin", according to the build video. 3) There are no center-of-gravity marks on the wings.


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You don’t need to. If you have something like adobe acrobat reader ( the free one) you can just scale it up 200% and double up the thickness of the foam