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*Unofficial* FT Dart


FT CAD Gremlin
FT Dart
Designed by: Josh Bixler
Release Date: 2018.03.14


The FT dart was developed to take all the great accomplishments in FPV and micro technology and combine it with a fun and simple wing that not only flies great, but can take a beating! The FT Dart uses 2 micro brushless motors to provide stable flight and differential thrust. This feature gives the pilot the ability to yaw the wing as well as perform crazy flat spins and pinwheel maneuvers. Whether you are flying line of sight or FPV, you will enjoy the great speed envelope at 2-4 cell operation. Our favorite activity is using this tiny wing to fly and explore while capturing HD footage from the optional micro split. If you like 3D printing, we also have free files to make a great FPV module that mounts right on the nose for a sleek and functional look.

We hope you have as much fun flying and building the FT Dart as we have. Please be sure to post your videos and your experiences so we can share them with our amazing FT Family!

Plans: All-In-One | Full-Size | Tiled A-Size | Tiled B-Size


Release Video:

Build Video:

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3D Files:
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FT CAD Gremlin
More like a micro Kraken. It will use the new Twin H Pack. You can check that out on the store right now. More details to follow.