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Up and running!

Hi all
spent the last month or so building swapables and waiting for my new fpv gear to arrive. Got my fatsharks attitude sd's and all i can say is what a superb bit of kit. i mated it to an rc car and drove my whole village at first then fitted it to my 450 flame wheel and what a blast ive been having. i made a vid and put it on you tube so have a look. im not the best pilot so please dont bash me too hard lol ,it make my thumbs shake when i fly fpv ,its an absolute blast.
i run naza m v2 and its running superb and no grumbles so far.
im new to the forum but thought id share my fun like the guys keep telling us too on the vids, normally im just a reader not a poster but i think ill put some of my scratch builds up i got going on too.

anyway have a good weekend all .