Upper Peninsula of Michigan


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I'm in a town called Ishpeming in Mqt. County, Michigan's Northern Peninsula, I currently have a few ground RC, two quadrotors, and am looking at a Gremlin, plus wanting all the foamboard designs, but built in Corru-Plast aka Core-Flute for the longevity.

If anybody is looking for RC enthusiasts to hang around with, well so am I. Cars, planes, multirotors, boats, You name it!

If your local enough to actually hang out regularly, I'd love to give it a shot!

As far as travel, I don't expect anyone to go out of their way to visit me, especially with winter about to turn the area white until March. There may not be many official venues for RC, but since we have so much undeveloped land, there are trails long enough to scale/crawl or ride mountain bike (O.R.V.s are fine too!) until you are sick of it.
The acreage available for aerial Photography rolls on and on as well.

A few Spots for nobody has to ask where to go, a couple of these places will be a bit lonely:
Search the exact coordinates with your choice of method.

Northern Air Modelers; no membership, just a few tables under a pavilion in a field with a windsock:
46.493758, -87.641027

Back Country RC RaceWay; no membership, more cars than aircraft, but great for aerial photography, will have a rock crawling area soon.
46.434805, -87.413254

Mqt. County Fair Grounds; Landowners allow responsible individuals and groups free RC flying:
46.434662, -87.420134

Cedar Beach of Lake Minnie; Free Public access, great spot for boats, seaplanes and scale crawlers.
46.484029, -87.640288

As for my home location, this is close enough for the internet at large to see, only a couple miles away from home:

Snowblind's meeting spot; near enough home, but not my yard:
46.386315, -87.747219
I live further south of town than this spot.

I thank you for your time, and hope to fly with new people eventually. Maybe even just fly with people!
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Welcome to Flite Test mate.

You are a tad far for me to hang out with but I do know what its like wanting to fly with other people. Seems my town has 3 people that fly quads. One that flys a phantom for AP, a kid that has a syma X5 and brings it out about once a month, and myself that I know of so far.

Good luck finding others. Maybe a bump to the top again with this post will give you more exposure time for people to see the thread.


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Yeah, with the people I know, there's no dedication to the track or hobby, so 3 regulars counting the live-in owner there. Plus my cousin who's .15R Traxxas nitro Stadium truck has been in my trunk with a seized carb for 2.5 years.
My 16 year old brother who keeps shredding his buggy, and only wants to build a rideable quadcopter, (not fun-size ones) in a serious (as in, actually buying parts serious) way.
Plus a slew of people who know about the hobby, have the stuff, but never-ever actually dust it off.

On a lighter note, though I recognize it's not likely many people will bother traveling here to visit 'me', I am mostly trying to draw out potential others who live nearby of course, and I highly recommend anyone with RC anything try to come visit Northern Michigan at some point anyway.


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I am actually going to school at Michigan Tech in Houghton MI so I'm not too far from you. I have my Super Bee, Mini Arrow, Simple Cub, Gremlin, Tiny Whoop, Ft 210, and Mavic Pro with me. I know its winter now but If you want to meet up and go flying on a weekend sometime let me know.


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For posterity's sake, I'll post here that we have been P.M.ing back and forth, and I'm willing to meetup as well.