Using CNC Laser Machine to cut decal's


I found some old leftover of banner vinyl for signage by Avery, so I tried to make my own decals. Using the EleksLaser- A3 Pro 2500mW Laser Engraving CNC Machine, I found it cut the vinyl rather well and did it with out any problems. I only used Red and Blue with masking material on and have put up images to show how it worked out.

Note. Make sure you using the CNC laser in a well ventilated area as you are cutting acrylic and polymeric calendered vinyl.


What it looks like on the RC aircraft.



Ok last week i received the final parts i need to complete my colour scam on the PC-9. When I got it second hand but never used or been bilut, i always planned to update its paint scam from Orange, Wight and Black to the new Red, Wight, Blue and Black. After receiving the airbrush and vinyl im able to start.
PC-9 Graphics Sample.jpg PC9-in-box.jpg PC-9 web.jpg

Did a test cut paper to see if the decal are the right size and past, so I able to go ahead with the decals.
Decals-1.png Decals-2.png Decals-3.png Decals-4.png

Next is painting the base colour using the airbrush I purchased from ebay.

I'm getting there its been a long road but well worth it.


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