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Using Tundra for first FPV platform


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I purchase this Tundra last year and finally decided to break it out of the box and use it for my first FPV platform. I got line of site down pretty good now and I'm ready to try my hand at FPV. I have studied and watched countless videos on the subject and have all the gear ready to go. I figured I would make the Tundra a float plane and see how it goes. Im using Fatshark stuff with Dominator V3 goggles. I figured I could taxi with floats easier than on land and try to get the hang of things on the water. My Tundra also came with a reversing esc to my suprise because I thought they just released that recently and not last year. Anyway, here is a pic of it almost ready for a maiden. Just need to mount the camera gear and do some adjustments.



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Flaps and ailerons freaking out!

So, I was doing some testing and setup and the flaps and ailerons started freaking out and glitching like crazy! It would have cause a crash if I had flown for sure, possibly a bad crash... Anyway, I did some research and came to the same conclusion everyone else did, the pcb boards or the protective coating they put on them were causing shorts and loss of control. SO, I removed the pcb boards and wired the wings old school like all my other airplanes, now works perfectly. Even I was to repair the pcb connections, I would never trust them. The regular way of connecting with servo wires and plugs is the way to go, no worries.

Here is a pic of the pcb connectors and wiring.

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Nice video, I noticed your magnetic stuff disappeared half way through. I like your videos better than some of Flight Tests videos. I wish FT would do more build videos on both ARF and Balsa kit planes. I think they lack in this department, too much multi-rotor and non-rc airplane related stuff.


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FPV pod finished.

Finished my fpv pod today and since I had an extra channel I put a servo under the camera for fun.




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It's my first attempt at FPV and I actually couldn't find any mounting suggestions on the internet for the Tundra, you would think there would be thousands! So I figured it out on my own. I am concerned about all the extra weight at around 90 grams, and the power draw, part of the learning experience I guess. I also need to test for the ham license (250mW vtx) which I think is stupid, but that's our wonderful government for ya.