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V-Tail Quad running hot


Junior Member
Hi guy,

This is my second quad-copter I built.

The motor and ECS is running hot.
The motor is a Turnigy D2826/10 1400KV with 8x45 Props and ESC is a skywalker quattro.
Battery is a 3S lipo 5amp.

What should I do?
I use the setting David used in the Flite Test V-tail build.

That 5000mAh 3S battery is pretty heavy. I'd be willing to guess if you went down to a 7x3.8" prop and a 2200mAh battery, you'd get a similar flight time with less heat.


Senior Member
How can I found that out?
Current is measured with an ammeter.
I was asking because I wanted to see if your props are to big or if weight was the problem but as 5oc said the specs call for smaller props and I agree with mustang, if you want to run big batteries you need smaller kV motors and bigger prop's