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Versa Wing for Night Flight!! Post your pics!!


Junior Member
Looks very nice!

I hope to do this with mine but with red on the left and green on the right on the front where you're blue is and have white or blue at the back where you're red is.
Had a blast flying the wing!! It looked SO good in the air! My buddy had his Vera out too and got real jealous when he saw how mine was lit... I think he's gonna make a few changes lol.. I think my buddy got some video of it flying.. If not I will get some this and post it.. 20130817_213333.jpg 20130817_213423.jpg
Thanks Jim!!

Did Some night flying this evening and got some video with our cell phones so it does look very good. Im gonna borrow a buddy's gopro to get some good vids. Anyone else going to setup the Versa Wing night flight?


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That looks great! Is that just 2 light strips for the whole thing?

I'm totally putting LEDs in my next Versa, once I've trashed the one I've built.


Senior Member
And here some cell phone vid.. its not the best but you get the point lol..
It may only be cell phone vid, but at least it shows how nicely it shows up. Also, thank you for shooting it horizontally. I've been seeing way to many vertical videos from cell phones lately. :eek:
That looks amazing! How did you wire up your lights? Did you use an onboard switch or a channel from the TX?
I just ran a lead from the battery connector on the speed control to a switch (old Futaba power switch) I had floating around. hooked it to a servo tied to the gear switch. From the power switch to the light switch. Here's a quick drawing how I wired it... hope this helps!