VersaCopter 280 Motor Recommendations

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I'm planning on ordering the VersaCopter kit, and am in the process of deciding how to best populate it for my needs. Most of the time it will be used for FPV racing, but occasionally I'd like to configure it for videography with a GoPro.
Which motors would you recommend for these applications? I see that the FT website recommends either the Emax 2204 2350kv, or the Lumenier FX2206-13 2000kv. Is the Lumenier a more powerful or higher performance motor? Since the VersaCopter is slightly larger than a typical 250 quad, is the Emax 2204 with the 12 Amp BlHeli a top contender for delivering response and power?
In summary, motor advice for my application would be appreciated. Emax 2204 (w/the FT kit)? Lumenier FX2206? Or another brand - Sunnysky or Cobra? I'm willing to pay a little extra if it will help "futureproof" my VersaCopter.

Thank-you for the Advice!
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Motors can go either way, just swap 2 of the three wires around and it changes direction.
This has been said i dont know how many times by the FT boys in their show.

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Motor Direction

Hi Ffog,
Yes, silly me! Of course switching motor wires will reverse the direction. I just read those user reviews and didn't think it through. Thanks for reminding me.
Meanwhile, do you have motor recommendations for the VersaCopter?
Motor choice also really depends on what props and batteries your going to run.

the 2204 2300kv will run 3s w/ 5" and 6" props or on 4s can only run 5"

the 2000kv motor is pretty much only used for 4s and 6" props.

I'll second the notion for going for the SS 2204 2300kv or the cobra 2204 2300kv if you can find them in stock anywhere...

Larry D

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Thank-you for the helpful responses. I have been hoping to be able to run both 6" props and 5" props, and to be able to use 3s or 4s on either. Is there a motor that would be well suited for this? How would the SunnySky X2204 2300kv motors perform running 6" props at 4s?
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the cobra 2204 2300kv are a good option
I fly them 4s with 5X3 and 3s with 6X4
with 3s you can fly 5X3 also but you have a little less power