VersaCopter model for Phoenix 4/5?

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Does anyone have a model of the VersaCopter for Phoenix? I haven't had much luck searching the forums or the Google. Thanks!


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I posted a few posts down "ZMR 250 in Phoenix" I uploaded a quad i did for Phoenix you can download and let me know if the flight characteristics are ok or needs to be tweaked then i can make a 3D Mesh of the VersaCopter and upload if you're interested?


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FT Versacopter for Phoenix

Here's the FT Versacopter for Phoenix.

I haven't flown one so i'm not sure if the characteristics are ok or not?

Let me know and i'll make the changes.

cheers and happy flying.

FT Versacopter.png

The forum won't let me upload anything bigger than 1.91 Meg or break the zip up so here's the WeTransfer download link for anyone who wants it.