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Very First Maiden - FT Flyer

After months of watching Flite Test, building, ordering and waiting for parts, testing, destroying a Nutball in about 3 seconds, I have finally had my first maiden. It's swinging a bit oversized of a prop but it flew.

This is shot with the $7.81 HobbyKing keychain camera velcroed to a ballcap so the video quality isn't great and it's shaky cam (I was a bit excited). And I need to either fix the date or even better figure out how to turn it off.:p

So I'm hooked.

Thanks again to Flite Test and everyone in the community. Here's to many many more flights to come.


Congrats, Jason! Looks like the elevator needs to be adjusted 'up' a bit. I bet you are holding a bit of up elevator to keep it level. Also, you may want to dial the rudder throw down a bit until you get a feel for the plane.