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Video, Maiden Flight of the "Swappable" J3 Cub!

Well it wasn't pretty, but I maidened the Cub today. it flew pretty good (for all of 20 seconds), I tried to avoid a baseball backstop and hit a tree in the process. (my bad), but the plane is fixible next time I'll get much more altitude!! Thanks again to all of you who showed an interest in this one of a kind (so far) Flite Test inspired scratch build. I hope to get some plans up soon!


Dedicated foam bender
Great first attempt! Look at the bright side, now you have a chance to post up the re-maiden!

Make sure you have your camera person check out this vid....

You zigged when you should have zagged. We've all been there. Looks like a decent flyer from the brief time in the air, though!
Yeah, I do that sometimes, I'm suprised how sensitive she was I had throws at 80% and expo at 40%. When I made the wing I put really small alerions on it I wanted something that would be very docile! It is already repaired and will be in the air again soon!