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Video of 2nd flight of 1" foam combat wing


Stuck in Sunny FL
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ugh... I had just eaten a large breakfast. Then I watched this. It was a little nauseating. :D

I'll be sure to take some dramamine before I watch the next video. :p


Sorry, Fred! I though about posting a disclaimer, but got lazy. I'll be sure to warn you next time! Lol!!!
I'm headed to Cape Hnlopen State Park to get an aerial vid of He confluence of the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean from the Wild Hawk. I'll fly nice and slow for you! :-D


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That was the most .....
I'm speechless.
Nice job......:applause:
That plane is like a timex watch, It takes a licking and keeps on ticking!


More combat please...
Nice- I need to stop spending money on planes and get a camera or two.
There were two or three FPV rigs going at going at the sod farm today they got some good air to air stuff.
I'll try to get it posted.

Teach- don't be afraid to get you kids in the shots too. A friend of mine has his kids watch and then when he lands or crashes the kids all run up to the plane and ham it up for the camera. Good Stuff!

Oh yeah. Did you post a pic of the finished wing somewhere?
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