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Videos by beginners!!!


Just starting!
Don't be ashamed of your shitty first flight and just post it!!!!!!

Here is mine:

First flight equals first crash!

I am new to this hobby, which I already absolutely love. I have no friends or people I know that are into the same hobby, so I have to learn everything myself. Going through lots of tutorials online and learn by error basically. Which I think is part of the challenge, so far all problems I faced during building the Tricopter I have solved myself! And proud of it.

So yeah this is the first time I tried to fly the TriCopter and I just basically had a go at it. I think the word DISASTER describes pretty well how the first flight was. But ey I am not ashamed of it and I ll get it right next time. At least it DOES fly so I was already pretty content hehe ;)

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That pretty much looked like the first time I tried flying a multicopter in a simulator on the PC. After a couple of handful of crashes, I got the hang of it. I hope that practice translates to less damage to my tricopter that is still in progress.

I would suggest numbing down the controls a bit. Set the low side of the dual rates to about 40% for the Rudder, Elevator, and Ailerons with about 30% expo. From the looks of that hot rod (healthy amount of power), these might tame it down enough to get use to the controls.

Bring it up to a hover, get it trimmed (radio and gains on the flight controller) so it isn't wonder a lot. Then do simple patterns like forwards and back, then left to right, and then a square pattern. Once that is mastered, you can incorporate rudder to get it to rotate and really start flying around.

Most of all keep having fun with it and post more video!


Just starting!
Thanks for the feedback Mustang, appreciate it, I ll try it out!

What simulator did you use, sounds like a fun thing to do for when I am bored at work and already went through all the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. ;)
Thanks for the feedback Mustang, appreciate it, I ll try it out!

What simulator did you use, sounds like a fun thing to do for when I am bored at work and already went through all the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. ;)
I am thinking about doing a write up on it tonight. It is simple but functional, uses $30 in extra hardware, and the software is free. Keep an open eye in the simulator section and/or multicopter sections of the forum for the post over the next day or so.


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Cool! I wish I had video from my first flights. But then again, my first flights were with my dad taking the plane up and then letting me have a go at the sticks. He was there to grab the radio when I dumb-thumbed it, so I really envy and respect those of you doing all on your own.


Just starting!
@ KingWookie
LOL, that made me laugh (in a good way)!!

@ Xuzme

Thanks, yeah I wish I had someone to show me around in the world of flying things. But I got to do it alone, which I guess is fun as well because we end up with funny vids like this. hhehe


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No video but I can share an embarrassing story.

Home: Bixler 2! YAY!!!

Park: Chuck... nosedive. Chuck... nosedive. Ooooh, the prop's on the top and there's no lift without airspeed. Harder chuck and less throttle... Aha! woah, woah, turn, turn, turn, ok getting the hang of it... this is boring I'll turn the other way. That tree's not that close it's just really big right? CRACK!

Home depot: Show me the longest window washing pole you've got!

Bottom of Tree: Ok, apparently a 16 foot (maybe 5m) pole is nowhere near long enough.

20ft up into Tree (always check for ticks): Maybe if I chuck the pole... 1 HIT! .... OK it's getting dark and I'm in a tree.

Next day after work: Climbing harness: check! Broomstick to tape onto window washing pole: check! Plane in tree: NOT CHECK! Plane on ground ANYWHERE: NOT CHECK! :(

Now I'm totally sold on scratch builds :p. I know the Bixler 2 is a trainer, but the FT Flyer is way more forgiving to fly. Lessons learned:
  • Always write your name and contact info on your aircraft.
  • Always make sure you have adequate space away from tall things.
  • It's wise to start with slower, more docile aircraft.
  • It's wise to start with cheaper, more disposable aircraft :p.


Just starting!
good story handsdude, a pitty you dont have it on tape (wow we still say on tape, I must be old)

After the crash in that video I posted, I was searching for 1 hour and couldnt find it. It was a field full of all different kind of mean stinging nettles which no sane person would ever enter on flip flops (had no shoes with me, it was 40 degrees celcius out there)!!!
After 1 hour of wondering around in the field with bloody feet and still determined to continue searching till I would have found my precious home made TriCopter I finally heard it beeping, cause of the battery alarm I reckon. Without that beep I would never have found it!!

So I took measures:

1 - I ordered a servo extension cable with a build in little loud beeper for under 2 dollars, which will start beeping when it looses connection with the transmitter (see here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/190862105398?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649)
2 - I also ordered the smallest and cheapest key finder I could find, cause if your battery would disconnect the servo alarm cable would be useless too!

That won't happen to me again!!!

And like you said, for those first flights you do need a nice clean field to practise, no buildings, no trees, no stinging freaking plants and no sexy ladies that can distract you from looking at your craft.

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